Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Restaurant review - Zesty's

Wow, Commercial Drive... lots of really great restaurants, very few bars (albeit I didn't go south of Broadway - I actually walked in the north direction), wonderful people and a sunny day... what else would you want?

Well, I'd want some service with that, please... I ended up going to a large 'Canadian cuisine' restaurant on Commercial near Venables. Called Zesty's, I can assure you the only thing it didn't have was 'zest'. The service was horrible. The drinks were ok, but I wouldn't have stayed for dinner. The waitress had not an ounce of customer service in her.

Next time I want to roam Commercial Drive I will make sure to check Haremba or the Abbibi Cafe, or Havana, or Memphis Blues... but I am definitely not going back to Zesty's, not even on account of their inexpensive drinks.

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