Saturday, April 07, 2007

Restaurant review - Fassil

For those of us who are fascinated with geographical concentration, Fassil and The Red Sea Cafe offer an interesting phenomenon. The Ethiopian community seems to gravitate around these two restaurants, located basically within one block of each other. I had already eaten at The Red Sea Cafe (amazing food) and since H was interested in trying some Ethiopian we decided to go to Fassil. Located in the 700 block of East Broadway (near Fraser), it is a little spot that you could easily overlook if you don't have the address with you.

The food was amazing and the atmosphere was really nice, clean, comforting. Contrary to the Red Sea Cafe (which has a more subdued atmosphere with darker lighting), Fassil offers much more light and it makes a big difference when you are able to appreciate (visually) the dishes you are being offered. We ordered two meat dishes (wot) and a vegetarian combo and that was more than enough food for two people. Their injera is fluffy and perhaps a tiny bit less sour than The Red Sea Cafe's (whose owner dropped by Fassil the same night we were dining there!) but I like it that way. Their wots are not as spicy (but then again, we asked them to prepare them mild)

Since both places have their own specials and their own dishes, I would not want to rank one above the other, so I would recommend that you go for dinner to both of them (one each night, of course!) and decide for yourselves. The place is fully licensed and offers many vegetarian dishes. They take all credit cards, debit and cash... quite convenient!

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