Monday, April 02, 2007

Movie rental place review - Happy Bats Cinema

Going along with recent reviews of brunch places along the Main Street neighbourhood, I have neglected to publish a review of the Happy Bats Cinema movie rental store. I am all for 'organic', local business. Therefore, while I recognize the value of Rogers Video or Blockbusters, I'll probably want to rent a movie from my corner movie rental store.

Happy Bats Cinema is not only my corner movie rental store, it is a top-notch, unconventional place where the owners are real experts on the movies. They have foreign, cult, British, Japanese, horror movies, documentaries and if you really really need them, they also have the traditional flicks that we all need to see from time to time. They have the latest season of Alias too ;)

Located at 198 East 15th Avenue, Happy Bats Cinema is your choice for inexpensive, local, organic, specialized service if you want to rent a movie that really suits your interest. Very personalized service and rather friendly staff. Worth checking.

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