Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Quick general update

I've been super sick (sniffles, coughs and sore throat, general congestion) for the past week and a half or so, thus I've not been really in the mood to blog. Moreover, even though I did venture out for a very brief couple of social nights (one of them rather important since H is gone for six weeks and it was his birthday celebration), we did repeat restaurants (Water Street Cafe, reliably good for dinner with H, K, and M). So since I already reviewed those I didn't want to do a re-review :) (although I had a really nice time!)...

I managed to correct a couple of my posts and Google Personalized Homepage shows them as recent but they are not, so if you've been tricked into believing that I've been posting, no, I haven't. I still have an Earth Day posting in the works... So, slowly but surely, I'll be uploading my delayed posts. All I need is to get better soon :)

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