Thursday, September 27, 2007

Best way to score a smile: Walk a puppy!

I am currently house-sitting and also dog-sitting. For me, this is an entirely new experience. It's been years since I last had a dog, so I've completely forgotten everything my parents taught me on how to treat well puppies. As a result, I have printed out instructions, Google'd lots of websites and spoiled the little puppy rotten.

That being said, there are numerous perks to dog-sit. First, everyone on the street will smile at you. Some of them will say super sweet things to you (like "is this your first dog?" while flashing a mega-watt smile *swoons*), some others will offer pointers on how to treat the puppy and some others will just strike random talk. Second, this particular puppy is totally sweet, and therefore I am enjoying enormously the dog-sitting. Third, walking a puppy will rapidly increase your fitness. At first, he was struggling to walk along with me and now he runs at the same time. So we go for short jogs.

All in all, I would seriously consider having a dog if my place wasn't as ridiculously small as it is and if I didn't lead the hectic life that I have. Puppies are good for my soul.

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