Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Weekend roundup

So I was in Montreal this past weekend, thus I contacted my friend SF who just recently moved there. It was a rather sweet reunion as we parted ways not too long ago, and since we are very close friends, we missed each other terribly. Saturday started with a walk around the Plateau area, followed by a pitcher of beer at some random bar. I love Montreal all around, and of all the places I knew in Montreal this area was the most mellow.

We then walked around until we found the restaurant with the best Mexican food I've ever been to: Tamales. Owned by Mexicans (who, to my surprise, were fluent in all three languages), this place has the closest thing to authentic Mexican food that I've tasted in my life in Canada. Apparently there are lots of Mexican restaurants in Montreal!

After that we walked down St. Denis and St. Laurent. As we walked by, we bumped into a cute chocolate fondue place. Our conversation was something like this:
"R - Hmmmm.... Chocolate... What'cha think?
S - Let's do it!
R - I'm down!"
You can't really use too many words with chocolate :) hehehe. That's one of the things I enjoy the most about my friends. If we need to improvise or we make decisions "on-the-go", they'll go ahead and join me in my adventures. SF is like this, and that's awesome... Anyhow, the fondue was unbelievably good. Who cares about the calories?

Finally we ended up walking back and taking the Metro to her place, which is starting to get a home feeling. It was an honor, and she wouldn't let me pay anything!!!! So I hope I have the chance to spoil her when she comes back for a visit.

I would write a restaurant review for Tamales, but since I doubt any of my readers will be travelling to Montreal any time soon, I will not. But if anyone needs some guidance, I'll be happy to share what I learned during my travels in Montreal. Ah, the Sin City... :) [disclaimer: I did not sin while there!]

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