Thursday, September 13, 2007

Movie review - 2 Days in Paris

Since we hadn't hung out in a while, J, B and I decided to stick to our Wednesday movie nights and go out to Fifth Avenue Cinemas, one of the Festival Cinemas (on Burrard and 5th Avenue) to see 2 Days in Paris. I rarely come down to this movie theatre since I moved to East Vancouver, but last night I almost fainted and realized why I don't come here. $12 for a movie ticket! WOWZA.

I am sorry, when I can see movies at the Hollywood Theatre for $3-$5 and at other theatres such as the Rio on Broadway and Dunbar for $8 (and that's full price), I get discouraged when I get charged 12 bucks. That being said, I did get a discount ;) so I am not going to rant that much. Plus it's always so nice to hang out with B and J.

Anyhow, if you have not visited Paris, don't know French culture or have a dislike for strange movies (this one does remind me from Woody Allen's style), don't go see it. You *do* need to understand French culture to some extent.

The movie is both co-produced and directed by Julie Delpy, who in my mind is one of the best contemporary French actresses. Marion (Delpy) has been living in New York and dating Jack (Adam Goldberg), although it would seem from the start that they are so opposite there is no reason why they should be dating.

On the way back from an unsuccessful vacation in Venice, they decide to stop in Marion's hometown, Paris, for a couple of days. Obviously they have to deal with Marion's crazy mother and father and the endless list of former flings that she had in the past (before meeting Jack, apparently). He quickly grows jealous and disaster (and hilarity) ensues. You have to watch it to understand it. While crazy funny, it is also poignant and touching at times.

Another reason why I loved this movie is because it is set in Paris. I missed a chance to see "Paris, Je t'aime" and I wish I hadn't, so I wasn't about to give up another chance to see Paris in film. I am in love with the city, have spent a substantial part of my life there and I think I would like to move there at some point. For now, Vancouver is my home. Nevertheless, Paris is always in my heart. Great movie, "2 Days in Paris". You should go see it.

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