Tuesday, September 04, 2007

My darkest secrets revealed...

As we say in Spanish, "si lo sabe Dios, que lo sepa el mundo" (if God knows about it, let the world know about it too)... This weekend, while chatting with my friend LM, I told her that even though a lot of people have said that I have done it all (my good friend Nomade Moderne said it a few times and I've felt really flattered), it's time I come out of the closet and say that I haven't done it all... Yes, it is true.

Up until two weeks ago, and despite my being trained as a bartender... I had NEVER opened a bottle of wine with a standard corkscrew. Yes. I am ashamed. I am so sorry for keeping this secret for so long... You'll see... when I bar-tended, I never had the need to open a bottle of wine. One of the servers or other bartenders would open the bottle for me (provided I batted my eye-lashes before and gave them my heart-melting mega-watt smile). So when Copper Lioness asked me to be her bartender at her two parties, I had to face my fears of screwing up and had to open the bottles of wine. And I did it... all by my lonesome. I successfully opened four bottles of wine without any external help.

And my second darkest secret... up until January 2007, I had NEVER tied my own tie knots. My brothers or Dad did them for me, and then I just travelled around the world with a handful of pre-tied tie knots. I am also ashamed to say this, but since it's out in the open, I thought I would just confirm the rumours. Yes, up until January of 2007, I did not tie my own knots. Now I do, thanks to YouTube! Faced with an impending talk, I came home only to find that none of my ties fit my new suit. So I had to quickly find on YouTube how to tie a knot and ... luckily, there he was! He taught me to do my tie properly.

So, while it is true that in my life, I have accomplished a lot and I have done a lot, up until this year, I still had two things I hadn't done and I had to conquer my fears. And I did it! I now can confidently uncork wines and do my own tie knots. :-)

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