Sunday, September 02, 2007

Getting things accomplished - and chores

One of the greatest frustrations in my life is trying to get a lot of work done and feeling not very productive. Nomade Moderne and I have frequently discussed the importance of getting a few small things accomplished and being efficient/effective. Truth be told, it's always a big challenge.

But tonight I found that getting small things done actually helps me be more productive. As I accomplish a number of small goals, I am encouraged to keep working hard and sustain this level of effort. For example, I sent off birthday cards to my parents, mailed rent cheques, paid bills online and did some shopping for items that I actually need, wrote a summary of a paper...

I got numerous small tasks accomplished and that made me feel energized so as to continue working all night long (I am a night owl). I might stop around 4 am or so, but it's still nice to feel that sense of accomplishment.

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