Thursday, September 27, 2007

Inspiring change in Uganda, the Canadian way

I usually peruse numerous news and media outlets because I want to make sure I am always informed, and get my news fix from diverse sources. That's also why the first thing I do every morning is read a substantial number of blogs, both Vancouver and non-Vancouver-centric. I frequently like to read the 24 Hours and Metro on the way to the office as my commute is at least 40 minutes long and I bus to work (see an interesting discussion we had on commute times at Paul Hilldon's blog).

Actually, numerous times I find that 24 Hours has some of my favorite stories. I really like Robyn Stubbs writings, particularly when she looks at environmental issues. Her series on toxins was perhaps one of the best I've seen in a long time.

24 Hours scored another few brownie points in my book by featuring Dr. Erin Baines, an Assistant Professor with the Liu Institute on Global Issues at The University of British Columbia. Erin is an expert in Northern Uganda and conflict.

From her website and in her own words:
Currently, I am focused on working on justice issues, particularly from a youth and gender perspective, in northern Uganda. Since 2003, I have partnered with local researchers on African cultural approaches to justice and reintegration. Today, our project Justice and Reconciliation Project operates in four districts and with nine research officers in northern Uganda.
24 Hours had the good idea of seeking to highlight the issues facing Uganda and thus sought to talk to Erin. The video below is the YouTube version of their interview with her. Erin inspires with her passion to improve the lives of Ugandans.

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