Sunday, September 16, 2007

When being a hummingbird is not so great

I've been nicknamed 'hummingbird' since about 2002 due to my propensity to do things fast and quick. I am lucky enough to have photographic memory, I touch type over 60 words per minute and I speed-read. I have also been considered unhealthy for people with low tolerance for sugar because I am too sweet.

The unfortunate part is that, as a hummingbird, I often tend to make on-the-spot, rushed decisions that not only do not save time but also make me waste money. That was the case with a misunderstanding of the Translink information system that led me to miss the bus 160 to Port Coquitlam.

The 160 would have taken me directly to the Harry Jerome Sports Centre in Burnaby Mountain. I tried to catch up using desperate measures, including switching to the 19 Metrotown, taking the Skytrain to Broadway Station, switching to the Millenium Line eastbound from Commercial Station to Sperling and then taking the 134 Brentwood Mall bus north on Sperling to Kensington and Hastings. As the 134 was turning left, we saw the 160 pass right in front of us.

My frustration increased because I was late for volleyball try-outs and thus I had to take a cab, which cost me less than $ 8.00 CND but still, it was stupid of me because of my lack of patience. Had I been patient enough, I would have not had to pay for a cab, hustle and rush through the transit system to try and catch up to a bus that clearly I wasn't even going to be able to catch up to. Even though I would have arrived a bit later than I anticipated, if I had waited patiently for 30 minutes, I could have taken the 160 without any problems.

I did make it to try-outs reasonably on time because the position I was trying for had been delayed, and I had a really great time (although I was exhausted by mid-afternoon and needed a nap). Having had competitive experience before, I was still surprised by how rusty I was in some areas and how well my body remembers how to do certain things despite the amount of time I've spent not playing volleyball.

Photo source: The Selvatura Canopy Tour Monteverde website.

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