Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Beautiful day in Vancouver

As usual, the Powers That Be are playing games with our hearts and cleared the rain today for A FULL DAY, so the skies were beautifully blue and without almost any clouds, it was bright, shiny, sunny and warm (15 oC). After complaining about the bad weather and how it has affected my mood, I couldn't help but think about recent events and their linkages with climate change.

I (half-jokingly, half-seriously) suggested on Keira-Anne's blog (see her post for Tuesday October 23rd) that Mexico and Vancouver trade a couple of months of rain for sunshine (see my comments on her post). Another commenter said that the weather in California had been so dry that it smelled like smoke everywhere. Well, with the fires in the California region, I can't help but wonder - what can be done to avoid catastrophes like these? How can we decrease our vulnerability to such climatic extreme events?

Post on the comments and discuss [and in the mean-time, my thoughts go to the families that have been evacuated in California].


Lino Evgueni said...

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Raul said...

Hi Lino,

No, although I've been told that it's a bit pricey. A friend of mine did try it and she said it was good.