Monday, October 01, 2007

The best service I've gotten in Vancouver

So I've just recently been perusing Darren's blog (Timing and Delivery). Funny how it goes, I was about to write a blog post about the great service I've received in this city. So I'm going to send you over to his blog (it's quite entertaining and well-written) and then come back to mine for a quick list of the best service I've received in Vancouver (food-wise). In no particular order. Some of the servers' names I have tried to anonymize because I am not sure if they'd be happy to be mentioned by name.

* K at The Cascade Room - she was unbelievable. Prompt, friendly, super fast. At one point she said "my only concern is that you guys have a great time". Ten stars out of ten. Nine stars to the hostess who was so friendly and sweet.
* All the servers at Sodas' Diner - You know exactly how I like my bacon and cheese burger without cheddar but with mushrooms. Yeah, you rock my world. Ten stars out of ten.
* The servers at The Cat's Meow - Admittedly, I fell out of love for this restaurant, but the service was always top-notch. Can you believe one of the waitresses said to me "oh your scrambled eggs got cold - I'll just have the kitchen whip up new ones for you". Amazing! Nine stars out of ten.
* The staff at Cafe Barney on Granville Street - Everyone here is so friendly, and they spoil me rotten every time I show up for dinner. Eight stars out of ten.
* The cook, servers and host of Crave on Main - The best brunch in town hands down. Although we sometimes need to wait a bit in line, we always get the best value and service. Eight stars out of ten.
* Lisa, Vinetta and the staff at Rhizome - They have created one of the friendliest atmospheres in the Main Street - East Vancouver - Mount Pleasant area, and their chilaquiles are to-die-for. Nine stars out of ten.
* The Gwyneth-Paltrow look-alike at The Whip on Main and 6th - She is gorgeous, she is friendly and she is always on-the-ball. She made my visit to The Whip twice as pleasant (I was there with S and A, which was awesome in the first place)
* The owners of the Red Sea Cafe - I am a loyal customer of this Fraser and Broadway restaurant, and one time I was SO pressed for time, J and I just showed up and said "we need food, we need it fast and we need the bill ASAP". We got in, ate amazing yedoro wot and ocra and proceeded to head out to the movies. It took less than 45 minutes altogether. Their food is amazing and they're super sweet. Ten stars out of ten.
* The cook and waitresses at Cafe Luxy - Eat lots of good pasta and amazing desserts. Be provided with amazing service. Repeat as often as needed. Eight stars out of ten.
* The owner, cook and staff of Water Street Cafe - My favorite Italian food restaurant. Owner speaks Italian (in addition to English). I get spoiled rotten (came here on the day of my birthday and was an amazing experience. Ten stars out of ten.
* Vicki and Theo at Alexis Restaurant in Kitsilano (Broadway and Vine) - I just love their food and their personalities. They're awesome. Ten stars out of ten.
* The owners and staff of Enigma (on Trimble and Tenth Avenue) - Brunch here any day of the week or weekend. Bliss. Ten stars out of ten.


darren said...

Thanks for the recognition, Raul! I created do deal specifically with good and bad customer service, regardless of where it's located.

Others to add to your list w/r/t people at restaurants who give great service:
- Justin at Hapa Izakaya (owner)
- Simone at Incendio (kits)
- Enrique at Andales (west broadway)

darren said...

THAT should work (forgot the 'www')