Monday, October 01, 2007

TV Show Review - Brothers and Sisters

I had to admit to my friends C and H that yeah, I do on occasion watch TV. This particular show, Brothers and Sisters, is one of the very few that has me hooked. The story of matriarch Nora and their dysfunctional children Sarah, Kitty, Kevin, Tommy and Justin is one that everyone can relate to. They fight, they bicker, they create conflicts amongst each other but more than anything, they love each other and they are always there when things get rough, and when they are needed.

I couldn't say whether my own family is or not dysfunctional (it all depends on the definition), but as always, there are times when we bicker at each other, when we complain about each other. But more than anything, and that's one thing that this show reminds me of, we stick by each other. We love each other very, very much. My brothers and my parents, my nieces and nephews, my sisters in law and extended family, all of these people make my life much happier. My family IS indeed my cornerstone, my foundational piece, the people to whom I run back when I feel the need for unconditional love. For having a family like the one I have, I am very, very grateful.

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