Sunday, October 28, 2007

Self-sabotaging in the battle against weight gain

I might have blogged a few days back about how I ended up eating a whole can of sweet condensed milk by the spoonful (in a day, so don't worry, it wasn't like I just binged). However, lately I've noticed a continuous weight gain. It isn't apparent because volleyball keeps me running and fairly fit, but I can see how my weight gain is sabotaging my own skill improvement.

Since I am a power hitter, I need to jump fairly high. My knees aren't in the best shape possible at the moment, but someone reminded me that jumping was basically a skill that required strong abs. If I binge-eat and don't do crunches or abs, I am pretty much self-sabotaging. Therefore, my spiking won't get better if I don't jump, and I won't jump if my tummy keeps growing and my abs keep debilitating.

It was important for me to blog about this, because I am very strong willed and usually have no problems forcing myself to do something. But with the winter, heavy rain, dark clouds, I have resorted to food for comfort. And that's not going to take me anywhere if I want to improve my volleyball and get back to the competitiveness level I used to have. Time to stop those mid-night cravings!

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carolina said...

At least you're aware of self-sabotaging. Mind you, eating a can of condensed milk by the spoonfool IS binging, doesn't matter is it took a whole 8 hours, LOL!!!

I have the sense you're one of those lucky people that stop eating once slice of bread a day and drop the weight no problem, is that so??

so, get those abs back in shape. where do you play volley ball?