Thursday, October 25, 2007

Comfort food for the soul

This weather has brought me down so much that I finally decided to spoil myself with some comfort food. My definition of 'comfort food' might be different to that of other people, because I don't think the choices I've made have substantial caloric content. For me, Jell-O is comfort food. Boiled eggs with lemon and garlic salt. Curry chicken with basmati rice. Cinnamon buns... the list is long.

These food items are intimately associated with sweet memories of my past, and often with loved ones who may even have left this planet already. My late aunt used to make the best Jell-O in the world. She would make large containers of gelatin for us to have in the morning with our breakfast.

Ever since I was a child, I remember how much I liked to eat boiled eggs with lemon and garlic salt. These two are items that I associate with my happy childhood, and with my grandparents and my aunt. I used to have these for breakfast all the time at their house, and those were some amazing times.

Cinnamon buns remind me of the first time I moved to Vancouver, and how much I enjoyed exploring this city, the surprises ... Curry chicken and basmati rice are not only tasty but also a continuous reminder that life and happiness is not about money or great things... it's about the small little details that can cheer us up every day.

I promised myself that I would be amazed at something every day, that I would never lose my inner-child spirit. I have been lucky that I've done very well on this promise for the past 20 years. And the one thing that amazed me today is how much better I feel after having eaten some comfort food.

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