Monday, October 01, 2007

Linking back to UrbanSpoon

Thanks to Rebecca @, I found out about UrbanSpoon. It's sort of like, but with a different (more geographically-oriented and visual) interface. At any rate, I added their code to a couple of my restaurant reviews. I think I've reviewed about 70 different restaurants for dinner, 17 for brunch and a number of coffee shops, so I am not sure I want to link each one of my posts to UrbanSpoon on my own. Rebecca suggested a method to link back my restaurant reviews, but I have an insane amount of them on my blog, so I'll let you know how fast UrbanSpoon picks up my reviews :)


Ethan said...

Hi Raul,

Let me know if I can help get the rest of your reviews linked up quickly.


Raul said...

Hi Ethan,

Thanks for the offer. Do you have an email? Or better yet, here is mine: