Sunday, October 28, 2007

Where does good content go?

I've been struggling these past couple of days to think about good, valuable, interesting stuff to blog about. I didn't attend the Parade of Lost Souls, nor any Halloween party, so I can't claim that I had a weekend worth commenting about (it was rather low key, with my volleyball and a chance to hang out with great friends of mine on Thursday night - dinner at Burgoo and Friday night - dinner at Water Street Cafe) and tonight (dinner at The Dunbar, formerly Soda's -- I will write the restaurant review later). Great friends and awesome company, but not a whole lot to comment about.

So I wonder how do people come about ideas on blogging content. And, do you prefer content early in the morning (e.g. your morning feed of blogs) or would you rather wait until the content is more useful/valuable/interesting? I am trying to decide whether to blog when I have a good idea (or upcoming event, or restaurant review) or just to throw some half-baked ideas out there. Feedback would be useful :-) Thanks!


keefer said...

Well, creative pursuits help with the blog content. In fact, as you can see, it's basically what powers mine. Checking out a good array of world news from bbc, cbc, and all types of alternative news sources is bound to trigger some 'bloggable' material. The key is not to feel pressured to write and above all, be yourself.
Okay I'm sounding a bit too preachy for my own liking here. Just keep up the good work, Raul.

carolina said...

mmmhh, well, depends what you want to do with the blog. for me the blog is almost like a Diary. Sometimes I'm inspired, sometimes I just want to rant or babble. Just do it.