Thursday, October 18, 2007

Now-closed restaurants in Vancouver?

A group of close friends and I used to go for brunch ALL the time. Now I go out for dinner and brunch very frequently and thus I have a pretty good idea of the food scene in Vancouver (see my dining out posts and restaurant reviews here and my brunch reviews here). But I'm increasingly alarmed that some of those former hangouts of mine are now closed. That's sad!

So without any specific order, here are some of the now-closed restaurants I miss in Vancouver :(
  • The Crime Lab: The best martinis in town and also the place where I got to ask the toughest questions. Apparently closed to give way to a new high-rise. And clearly, not everybody loved it. Coal Harbour area.
  • The Ordinary Cafe. Located in Kitsilano too, this place was anything but ordinary. Great brunch.
  • The Living Room. Near Milestone's on 4th Avenue, in Kitsilano too, this place was very cozy. Great brunch but even better and more romantic dinner.
I am willing to compile a list of those places that used to be special and now are no more... but it's sad! Hopefully my current favorite restaurants (Rhizome, Crave, Cascade Room, Joe's Grill to name a few) don't go out of business any time soon!

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