Monday, October 08, 2007

Happy Canadian Thanksgiving

My good friends Nomade Moderne and his girlfriend CS invited me and a bunch of other friends over for Thanksgiving Dinner at their place. It was an amazing dinner with LOTS of turkey, cranberry sauce, stuffing (I had never tried couscous stuffing) and lots of different desserts, including apple crumble and my trademark marshmallow cheesecake (the 'light' version - non-fat cream cheese and low-sugar marshmallows).

I don't think Canadians place as much relevance on their Thanksgiving as Americans do (and the celebrations are apart about a month or so). This year, the Canadian version was way too early and people didn't even seem to have time to plan for it. In my case, it was an opportunity to see friends for whom I care deeply and eat lots of good food.

By the way - notes to self (lessons learned):
  • Liquor stores are closed on Sundays. Always. Plan to buy your liquor beforehand.
  • Non-alcoholic wine and ciders can be bought at Safeway.
  • Marshmallow cheesecake should be prepared in the morning of when you're planning to serve it (or at least early afternoon).
I was scrambling because I was day-dreaming for most of the day, until I realized I didn't have enough time to make the cheesecake and let it sit outside the fridge. So I prepared the mix (batter) and then poured it into the shell and then proceeded to put it in the fridge for 20 mins and freezer for 20. Worked like a wonder! I then carried it to HZ and CS's apartment. And it was quite tasty.

Overall, it was a really nice evening and I enjoyed it enormously. And now I am really sleepy (apparently the result of tryptophan in the turkey).

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