Monday, October 01, 2007

The reasons why my Mom is super cool

Whenever I read some Vancouver-based blogs, I am often reminded of family (see my post below on Brothers and Sisters). My Mom reads my blog very rarely (mainly because I write in English and she hates to have to read some of my stuff in English - ask her to read in Spanish and she's a voracious reader). When she does, she likes my writing, apparently (she loved her Mother's Day post). But in general, she won't read my blog unless I ask her to. However, I often read Miss604's mom commenting on Rebecca's blog (under the cool pseudonym Mom604). Her Mom-in-law does that too. I find this immensely cool.

Now, the thing is - there are numerous other reasons why I think my Mom is super cool.
  • Mom is a political scientist and a professor. This, in and of itself, makes her cool to me. I can discuss world affairs with her and she always has a very unique view of the world. Her insights are always very valuable.
  • Mom is an amazing cook. Her Mole con Pollo is by and large the best I've ever had. She taught me how to cook meatloaf this year (and she loves my curry chicken with basmati rice, so I must have learned something).
  • Mom is fearless. And by this, I mean she is never afraid to take on challenges. She raised her kids and then decided she wanted a PhD in political science. So she packed her bags, left her beautiful house and she moved to a foreign country all by her lonesome for a few years. And she succeeded! How cool is that?
  • Mom is never afraid to speak the truth and to be forthright. Her and I are excellent friends. We always speak directly, no-holds barred. We had a heart-to-heart a few nights ago which left me thinking about all the things I need to improve.
  • Mom is the most loving and caring individual I have ever met. She sacrificed her career and her well-being many times to take us where we are right now. I wouldn't be who I am if it wasn't for her.
Today is definitely not Mother's Day, but whenever I read blogs where cool Moms write comments I am always reminded of my own uber-cool Mom. Gracias por todo, Mom.

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Jark the Saint said...

Raul -- you'd totally love the movie "Mischief Night", it's about a wonderful coming-to-terms with differences among the most divided families.

My review on it is: