Sunday, October 28, 2007

Technical skills

So much for taking time off blogging. I actually enjoy doing it while trying to do some of my 'daytime job', so I figured "heck, why not". This past couple of days I've been playing some serious competitive volleyball. However, I've noticed that my volleying skills (and hence my setting) has seriously improved. In my late teens/early twenties, I used to be a setter. However, as time has gone by, I've moved into a power-hitter position, really enjoyable.

The funny thing is, in the transition process, I lost confidence in my setting skills, so I'd bump the ball instead of volleying it (thereby losing control and location). However, this past Saturday I started to feel so confident about my setting that I actually played the setter position more than one time. It's all about risking it and doing it.

On that same note, it's clear to me that if I make a mistake, my game goes down (I don't know why, really). For example, today my serve was totally off. Some of my spikes were off too, and thus I completely lost any confidence in my game (sort of a vicious circle). I think that the only way to shake this is to keep hitting balls, so I've decided that next time that happens to me, I'll just try to forget about it.

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