Thursday, November 08, 2007

Blogging under the influence

I am sure all of you remember my post on intexticating or Texting Under the Influence (TUI). Well, I'm not the only blogger who has Blogged Under the Influence (BUI). Apparently, this situation arises more often than people would like to believe. Other bloggers have done it even if they think it's a bad idea.

In my case, my good friend LB was kind enough to invite me over for dinner (pasta with mushrooms) and drinks (vanilla martinis). After 3 martinis, I thought "I should make myself scarce", so I B-Line'd it home (or at least, I thought so). What would be my surprise when I was abruptly woken up at Rupert Skytrain station "Sir, you are at the Rupert terminus... where are you going?". I was SO embarrassed that I simply took off.

Skytrained it to Commercial Drive, had two slices of pizza (from different locales) and then walked home. I am still embarrassed about it. Please help me get over this embarrassing feeling. Spill the beans about some time when you got horribly drunk.


keefer said...

May have to dig into the archive a bit. As I close in on 30, I find these episodes become scarcer-- thankfully. But in college, there were a number of them of course. Somehow, I believe after doing a pub crawl in the ahem, Gastown 'area' with an acquaintance, I ended up at Main and Broadway. Equally puzzling was how a bottle of tequila came into our possession.
We staggered on a bus and down to the Ivanhoe where we ordered more ridiculously cheap and rather forgettable beer. Then, in my youth, I had this brilliant idea to pour the bottle of tequila into it. "Mmm, this is good, I think I'm onto something here..."
After several cigarettes from someone (I don't smoke, never have!) and a few glasses of this 'delicious' concoction, I was staggering home and not altogether able to keep this punch inside of me. A pretty standard story, I've probably forgotten the wilder ones, I think one of them involved a midnight swim..

Anonymous said...

My second month in Japan, we held an English "walk-rally" in my little fishing town. At the after-party, we took turns doing shots of sake. With sake, you don't realize how potent it is until you stand up. Needless to say, I made a mess in the bar, on the street, and in some guy's car--practically everywhere but my own apartment. Despite promising myself "never again," I repeated the whole thing the following year. The event was cancelled my third year. Wonder why.