Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Raving about printers

Even though the Bollwitts (Rebecca and John) are testing now a super suave color Brother printer, I don't think I should refrain from raving about my humble HP Laserjet 1020. I have started to find it more and more useful and easier to use (well, almost six to nine months after purchase!). Anyhow, I really like the speed and how quiet it is.

I also really like the fact that it can do double-sided (not automatically as other Laserjets used to be able to do, but still it does allow me to save paper AND it's not as complicated as you may think). I have been able to print full articles (2 in 1 pages) and envelopes. Pretty near, I tell you.

I know that Darren Barefoot did extend an invitation to other local bloggers and I should've taken him up on the offer, but honestly I am not printing a lot of beautiful color pages. Although come to think about it, I'm now thinking what I want to print... hehe maybe I'll just have to ask (nicely) Rebecca or Tanya to print some stuff for me.

Ooops... don't you hate it when a good idea comes to you like, weeks after you should've implemented it? I now think I recall what I needed to print in color and I can't as I don't have a color printer. Darn it!

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