Sunday, November 18, 2007

Realizing a deep truth while washing dishes

And no, I am not kidding you. I realized this while doing my dishes this evening. I love teaching people new things. The more I think about it, I realize that I kept learning and doing interesting stuff to teach and/or share with my friends or loved ones. This may sound ridiculous, but it's true. I recall very clearly my conversations with one of my former best friends (we aren't friends anymore, but that's another story) and I always wanted to share the new things I had learned.

I've done modeling (catwalk and catalogue), bar-tending, competitive volleyball, acting in theatre, contemporary dancing, volunteer with literacy groups teaching how to write and read (in Spanish), and a bunch of other stuff. And the primary driver was to be able to share exciting stuff with people. And teaching is only one of my passions, but clearly it is one I have had since childhood.


carolina said...

wow Raul, modeling and teaching spanish, all in the same sentence. that sounds like a lot of fun. when are you coming dancing again. You know you've just inspired me to write a post about my multiple occupations during the course of my life. I think it'll be funny..

IT's freaking COLD!!

PS. Have u gone to the Italian Kitchen? I didn't like it, expensive, slow and mediocre and I mean $25 for mediocre pasta SUCKS!!

Raul said...


I haven't gone to Italian Kitchen, but having just stayed in Victoria for a few days and enjoyed awesome food there, I am scared of going to the IK just to find out about mediocre pasta as you mentioned!

Yeah it's freaking cold! I hope to stay warm the next few days