Sunday, November 04, 2007

A responsibility to blog?

A few weeks back, I wasn't "feeling it". It was almost painful to try and come up with content. Recently, I've regained an interest in blogging and I feel free to post whatever comes to my mind instead of trying to come up with something that will be interesting and relevant (though I admit that I very much like some of my own posts).

Do fellow bloggers feel a responsibility to post content? Sometimes I'd rather not write instead of being inane, but then again, I guess it all comes down to what we want our blog to accomplish. In my case, it's a repository of restaurant/bar/coffee/music reviews, a place to remind me of upcoming events and also an opportunity to share my thoughts with the world and see if some of those words have an impact.

So, I do feel somewhat compelled and responsible of posting interesting content. But I'll still forgive myself if I am not all that coherent sometimes :)

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keefer said...

One is expected not to be coherent when it comes to blogs sometimes. I've seen award winning authors with blogs full of typos and rambles. As far as I'm concerned, the net is one big incoherency. But it's an anxious one.
There is a fear-- which I have fallen victim to occasionally-- that if one doesn't keep up their internet presence, that they will be forgotten or ignored when they return.
I think there is an implicitly competitive aura too sometimes when it comes to blogging.
Remember that "interesting" is so subjective that it's hopeless trying to define it. Some of what I thought were my most pathetic posts turned out to garner the most comments. Go figure.