Friday, November 02, 2007

TV Show Review - Smallville

I know lots of people will probably hate me for mentioning Smallville, but not only am I a superhero fan, but also I live in the Greater Vancouver Regional District (now Metro Vancouver), where the TV show is filmed. Filled with lots of Canadian actors (Calgary/Vancouver's Erica Durance, Richmond's Aaron Ashmore and his twin brother Shawn Ashmore guest starred a couple of times, Sarah Carter to name a few, obviously Lana Lang - our own Vancouver Kristin Kreuk and now Supergirl - Toronto's Laura Vandervoort), I've become hooked on this show.

I actually find it quite positive and encouraging that the role of Supergirl (Kara Zor-El) went to a Canadian actress. Moreover, if you really think about it, most of the large roles are going to Canadians (think Jimmy Olsen, Lana Lang, Lois Lane, Kara Zor-El). Therefore, I would argue that Canadians should be happy that this show is being filmed up in Hollywood North.

Several times I've witnessed the filming of Smallville, particularly locations that are now "Kansas State University" (aka The University of British Columbia). The show has gained quite a following, and now I find that the plot is becoming more and more interesting with the addition of Supergirl.

Any self-respecting superhero fan will agree that Supergirl is one element of the Superman saga that should NOT be eliminated. Kudos to the producers for bringing Perry White and our good friends from the Justice League (including Green Arrow, Cyborg -- who really was a Teen Titan, but we will overlook that small detail, Aquaman and Flash).

Clearly, the Superman/Clark Kent saga has been re-invented (Mama Kent is almost nowhere to be found and Supergirl came into Superman's life when he was an adult -- there was no Chloe Sullivan and obviously Lana never married Lex) but I have to say that I enjoy this re-invention. There are a couple of issues I don't like though. First, Kara adopted the identity of Linda Lee/Linda Danvers (in the comic books). Here, she's Kara Kent. Hmmmm... And she doesn't have a brown wig either. Furthermore, what's with the Wonder Woman 'Super bracelet'? At any rate, I am glad that the producers introduced her into the main plot.

Here's a short clip of a forthcoming episode I found on YouTube. Lana will absorb Clark's powers and try to get rid of Lex Luthor for good. Yet another Supergirl ;) ?

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