Sunday, November 04, 2007

Citizen journalism? Do something about this!

So I was perusing the Metro Vancouver newspaper (I have been working from home so I hadn't read the Friday edition) and I found out about this short story: a female bus driver got attacked on Commercial and Napier (by no means the most dangerous area of the city, in my humble opinion) by two people (apparently in costume). These people then proceeded to torch the bus. I have a bit of an extended description from the CTV website.

This event (and similar occurrences) have me extremely upset and enraged. Who do these kids think they are? And are they going to escape justice? What are we doing to ensure the safety in our streets? What the heck is happening in this world-class, "Most Livable City"? Yeah, right... world-class - NOT.

So, I'm going to try and test my theory about collective action and viral internet behavior. I want to ask if somebody saw something on that night. There must be more witnesses, or someone who knows the perpetrators of this attacks. In a way, I am trying to see if by using the Internet and blogging, I can do something to help bring these people to justice. Didn't anybody take a photograph of these women while the driver was being attacked? I mean, for crying out loud, everyone and their mother have a cell phone with camera now (except me, of course, since I don't even have a cell phone at the moment!).

A couple of months ago or so, a photograph of someone who took pictures of himself with a stolen camera surfaced on the Internet and soon thereafter, the story took a life of its own, and (I am hoping) helped in a way get closer to solving the theft. I want to see if my blog post inspires other bloggers to ask for help in identifying the attackers of this bus driver, and to see what we can do to ensure that they are punished.

Think about it - according to the story, the female bus driver was trying to offer Halloween candy and in return, she gets attacked?! And to worry you even more, the Vancouver Sun offers a list of all the incidents of that night. If you feel safe around your neighbourhood, I'd recommend that you read this. Stealing iPods on 36th and Wallace? (the Southlands, Dunbar area - posh and allegedly safe). All of a sudden I feel so safe in this city... NOT.

So if you have any information, please contact the Vancouver Police and/or TransLink. I am in no way associated with either, but I can't tolerate more events like these happening in our supposed-to-be-safe city. Citizens need to do something about this. At least, this is my contribution. I am outraged and I want to help in any way I can.

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