Sunday, November 04, 2007

More on Google Transit and Vancouverisms

Very thoughtful discussions by Nomade Moderne, Paul Hillsdon and Rebecca Bollwitt have analyzed Google Transit. As I am running off to volleyball and (in the process) started tinkering with Google Transit, I have noticed one thing: it doesn't provide 'best routes'. I think the algorithm needs to be improved, because to get me to Jericho Gym, the bus sent me first to downtown Vancouver and then had me take the 4 UBC going west. I have discovered a much faster way to get there: 99 B-Line to Sasamat and 10th and then walk down.

It's funny - we've created verbs out of things that have become a routine in our lives. For example, I often hear myself and other friends say "oh don't worry, I'll just BLine it to your place". The implication of course is "oh don't worry, I'll just take the 99 B-Line to your place". I also have heard people indicate "I'll skytrain it to Main Street and will see you there". This mains of course, that the person will take the Skytrain from wherever he/she is to Main Street/Science world. These expressions, I call Vancouverisms.

I am curious to know if you've heard another Vancouverism. There must be other phrases that are typical of our beautiful, rainy city.

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Erika said...

Yup, I've definitely said "Skytrain it to..." It might be indicative of modern youth language in general, as you could probably substitute any noun for that in any location. Maybe it comes from "I'm going to book it to the bus stop and hope I make it on time."