Friday, November 09, 2007

Considering Facebook

Everyone and their mother (or well, their brother) are on Facebook now. And I'll admit that I'm happy to sit down with friends who have Facebook and browse through their list of friends with them, and see pictures and all that (out of respect, I wouldn't really use my friends' account even if they have allowed me to). But sitting with them and looking at pretty pictures is fun.

After volleyball, two of my team-mates and myself proceeded to hop on the 99 B-line as we live fairly close from each other. At first we were just discussing the reasons why we didn't want to join Facebook ... and then two other young men joined the conversation, and it became really animated. Of course, by the end of it, seven people (us three plus 4 complete strangers) were debating on the value of joining Facebook. And maybe that's one of the benefits of Facebook. I probably could have asked them "hey can I add you as my friend?"

So the thing is, I am considering the possibility of breaking down and joining Facebook. I am just afraid of its addictive nature (see my post on the Crackbook). I think if I can stay clear until January 2008, I'll be able to avoid caving to the pressure. So... spill the beans... what are YOUR thoughts on Facebook?

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