Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Upcoming event - November Vancouver Blogger Meetup

Back in September (holy smokes how time flies!) I contacted Rebecca and asked her about the Vancouver Blogger Meet-up (VBM). I first read John's and Rebecca's blogs about one or two years ago (not sure) when I read a review of the VBM (written by Rebecca) held at The Whip (on Main and 6th). I'd been really looking forward to attending one of these, particularly since the September one was going to be fairly close to where I live (one short bus ride).

However, this month's VBM is scheduled on November 8th at 7pm at the Chateau Granville Lounge, and sadly, I can't attend YET AGAIN! I have volleyball games and there is no chance in hell I can teleport myself to my games on time. Those Star Trek geeks really should get on it and do something about teleporting!

This is getting ridiculous, since I correspond with lots of local bloggers via email and commentary and I haven't met up with any of them in person (with the exception of Carolina whom I danced with recently at Atlantis and Jark from Beyond Robson, with whom I've had a chat and a coffee at Lugz).

And if there's a VBM in December, I'm going to miss it since I'm going out of the country for over a month. Dang it! On other news, Darren Barefoot is asking local bloggers to test drive a Brother printer. Rebecca and John are test-driving this beautiful printer, and I'd be tempted to join.

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Miss 604 said...

aw man - next month!