Monday, November 05, 2007

The forces of nature and a tragedy in Tabasco

If you've following the news, the state of Tabasco (in Southern Mexico) has been devastated by continuous rain and hundreds of thousands of people are now homeless. Lots of help is needed, although I really don't know who to send it to (some bank accounts have been set up in Mexico and I think the US, but I haven't read anything about the possibility that Canada might send some aid). I'll inquire in the Mexican Consulate in Vancouver. Or maybe somebody in the Latino community is organizing something.

I would just encourage you to consider the possibility of donating if there's a way. I really feel very helpless for not being able to do anything for the people in Tabasco. The worst part is the looting. I can't believe someone would take advantage of their peers' suffering and disgrace. It irks me to see reports of people taking stuff from abandoned stores and houses. Unbelievable. I despise them so much that I think these people should not be worthy of being called humans.

The following video is footage from people who are actually living in the area, just so that you witness the amount of desolation. I hope we can do something to help them.


Lorena said...

El dia de hoy he visto en los noticieros que México ya está, oficialmente, recibiendo ayuda del extranjero (ya que hasta el dia de ayer no había ningún comunicado en donde el gobierno mexicano indicara que lo estaba haciendo). Y debido a esto muchos países no podían enviar la ayuda. O por lo menos eso fue lo que entendí.
Quiero pensar que Canadá se sumará a estos países (he escuchado que Irlanda y Bélgica ya lo hicieron); ojalá que puedas ayudar y que la gente que lee tu blog también lo haga. Acá en México parece ser que el país entero está ayudando, aunque nunca es demasiado, así que hay que seguirlos apoyando. ¿No crees?

Raul said...

Hola Lorenita,

Estoy haciendo lo que puedo. Me comunique con el Consulado Mexicano en Vancouver, y pienso poner mi blog en una serie de sitios web.

I also hope my readers will be able to help. I know that for now, the Canadian Red Cross hasn't announced anything, but I'll post whatever information the Mexican Consulate in Vancouver offers me.

I am so sad for the people of Tabasco. I can't believe that the stores and houses have been vandalized by the own people of Tabasco. Unbelievable. These people are worse than scum.