Friday, November 23, 2007

TV Show Review - CSI (Miami, NY and Las Vegas)

There is a gazillion of reasons why I enjoy CSI (Crime Scene Investigation) in all its three locations (Miami, Las Vegas and New York). In a former life (well, when I was a child), I wanted to be a criminologist. Being the child of lawyers, I had grown up seeing my parents bring bad people to justice. And I wanted to be helpful for them in their enterprise, so I figured "why not criminalistics and/or criminology".

My parents, awesome and liberal as they were, suggested that I should take courses in the police academy, learn from books and/or talk to forensic specialists to see if I'd really enjoy doing this for a living. Now, bear in mind that I did a lot of things when I was a child, just because I thought they were fun. I didn't actually think they would be my career. As I had previously posted, sometimes I just learned a new thing in order to teach it or share it with my friends.

I figured that learning criminalistics (also known as forensic science) would be a fun activity. I even wrote manuals and handbooks (promise not to laugh if I tell you that I wrote manuals on how to decorate a room, how to be a detective, how to set up a library... I was a nerd!).

When I see the reality of crime and crime labs, the realization that I chose the right career (and not one in forensic science) was all much more clear. But that doesn't mean that I don't love the CSI shows. One of the great elements that makes C.S.I. a phenomenal show is that it intertwines personal elements within the forensics team (e.g. they have fights, they have romantic relationships, etc.)

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