Sunday, July 29, 2007

Ahh.... the pressure ... and the excitement!

I'm starting to feel the pressure and the excitement at the same time. On the one hand, I feel pressured to post something significant instead of just dropping words and trying to scramble to finish Blogathon. Incredibly, I managed to actually go all the way. To be fair, I have pulled my share of all-nighters. This one was not the first time I've done it. I usually recover quite well with a few naps. The first one is (strategically) only an hour long. The others usually are a few hours. And within 24 hours, I am back to normal.

The excitement is that I have accumulated a total of about $ 66 dollars for my charity, which isn't bad. It was very encouraging to have Jeff and Miss604 drop by and have them comment on my site. I have had some sad things happen throughout the day but I've done my best to counter them. And finally, I have done this for a good cause: A Loving Spoonful.

Because nobody living with AIDS should live with hunger” (A Loving Spoonful), please consider donating.

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Miss 604 said...

It's all worth it in the end and I think that's why we put ourselves through this.

Hope you had a good night/day despite some difficulties.

And the Vancouver blogging community would welcome you at any time... although you're pretty much already a part of it now :-)