Saturday, July 28, 2007

Green buildings

*** Ok, so I admit this one is slightly early but I've been having wireless issues for the past two hours and frankly, I need to change my location ( I am currently blogging from Kitsilano but have posted from the Main Street area and Cambie :-) ). Will try to post exactly at 5:00pm but may have Wi-Fi issues - so don't think I've given up if I don't show up by 5:00pm sharp) ***

So a good friend of mine is writing her PhD thesis on green buildings, and I thought, "hey this might be another environmentally-related topic". So I would just like to call your attention to the issue. Green building practices seek to increase materials, water and energy efficiency in buildings. I could mention lots of them in the Greater Vancouver area (like the Center for Interactive Research on Sustainability, or the C.K. Choi Building) but in addition to that, I want to call your attention to the role played by organizations such as Canada Green Building Council or the Cascadia Region Green Building Council. These organizations promote the implementation of sustainable practices in buildings. Very cool work.

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