Friday, July 20, 2007

Restaurant review - Burgoo

While Burgoo is highly touted as "the" place in Vancouver where you can get any type of soup(s), we decided to try for brunch. K, M, H and I went there recently for brunch and we weren't disappointed. Well, at least I wasn't :-) I think they liked their breakfast too.

I have to say that, besides Crave on Main, I don't think I have tasted better scrambled eggs than those of Burgoo. I ordered the Mesa Scramble and I loved it. The potatoes were amazing, the chorizo was spicy and the eggs were very well done.

By the way did you know that a burgoo is a Kentuckian stew? I certainly did not! Burgoo was recently voted Best Restaurant for a Rainy Day and it certainly shows. The staff is super friendly and they took good care of us. They weren't pushy with the bill or anything to that extent. The food is reasonably priced (brunch for two can hover around 30 bucks after tax, coffee included). I was surprised at their Pain Francaise, but then again, I've seen other versions. But their brunch menu, while not all-encompassing, is good for many different palates.

This beautiful gem is located in Point Grey (yeah, a bit out of the way for those of us who live more in the central area of Vancouver). But it's definitely worth the trip uphill. Besides, what else do you really have to do on a rainy morning? :)

Burgoo (Point Grey) in Vancouver

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Marcela said...

I love this place!! And I always forget about it when I want to dine out...