Saturday, July 28, 2007

The quality of blog posts

Do people believe that our blogging ability goes down as the day progresses? I’m starting to think that they do think that way. And I wonder if it’s a reality. I remember that earlier today I posted a (quite thoughtful, I think) blog entry on the meaning of ‘forever’. And now I am blogging about how we are going downhill because we’re tired and exhausted.

I would argue that this is always the case. In my case, I work better at night than during the day. But the only problem is that I started blogging at 6:00am, so right now my brain is sort of fried. Next year, I’ll ask for shared duties (e.g. guest bloggers). I am keeping up with the pace, and as it stands I think I’m going to have to leave my office fairly soon. That means, at least one stop in Kitsilano and one stop in either the Cambie area or the Main Street area. Since I’m commuting by bus, I would think I’m going to need to make the two pit stops.

If I think about it, I start getting tired. But when I don’t and just keep both working and blogging, I don’t feel it. Right now I have been blogging for almost 14 hours, which isn’t all that bad. As long as I don’t listen to any more depressing songs (I can’t get the Jann Arden tune out of my head), I ought to be ok.

UPDATE – I just got my second wind, I don’t know how. It’s about 11 pm and I’m suddenly feeling good again. Strange how this thing works.

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Jeff said...

I think posts generally do go downhill near the end as people just have nothing else to talk about. But lets hope that all the bloggers get their second wind, kick it up a notch for the home stretch.