Saturday, July 28, 2007

Restaurant review - Capricorn Restaurant & Grill

I had wanted to come to Capricorn for years, even before I moved out of the neighborhood (I used to live around the Fairview Slopes area, and for a while there I moved closer to Cambie and Broadway). The décor is beautiful and sophisticated, and I can’t really remember why I never got around to eating here in almost a decade.

We had tried to come here on Sunday night a couple of times, but they’re closed on Sunday nights, so it hadn’t worked out. Up until recently, when we actually ate here on a weekday. And I am going to have to say that I don’t understand why I hadn’t come here earlier.

I ordered Cajun penne pasta with chicken, and it was really good. The food is well cooked, and the décor is very pretty. Granted, we got there too early during the day to actually see the lights but it was overall a very nice experience, not only for the company (a great friend of mine) but also for the actual meal. It wasn’t expensive, contrary to what you could expect on the Broadway corridor. Apparently this area is filled with nice inexpensive restaurants. I had dinner at Favorito Trattoria recently and it was very good too (but that’s the subject of another review).

Located on Broadway close to Ash (656 Broadway), on the south side of the street, I would very much recommend Capricorn for dinner. Never been for lunch, though I am curious about their lunch features. Will tell you more about it later.

Capricorn Restaurant & Grill in Vancouver

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