Sunday, July 01, 2007

It's all about the equipment again...

Tonight I went to the Coastal Jazz Festival (TD Canada Trust Vancouver International Jazz Festival) with H and my Mom. Funny how things go, I did not foresee many things but I shall be prepared next time...

a). It was really hot and sunny. I wore a black t-shirt. Bad idea.
b). The concert was held outdoors was outdoors and no seating (chairs) was available. Note to self - bring along a mat or a towel.
c). The weather was really hot and sunny (again). Note to self - bring running shorts, t-shirt, sunscreen, cold water or other drink.

So in conclusion, next time I do an outdoor concert, I'll come prepared. After a really cool rumba performance by Rumba Calzada (they played Guajira and a few other tunes that I've danced to before with my salsa partners). It was a really great experience.

We stayed for about an hour then dinner at La Bodega, which was unbelievably awesome. True to my Spanish roots I went for the typical patatas bravas, chorizo, albondigas, montaditos de cerdo... Ah, good times were had by all!

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