Saturday, July 28, 2007

Cycling as a mode of sustainable transportation

Many of my colleagues cycle to school, work and many other functions. I have found that living in East Vancouver, I feel less prone or tempted to bike all the way to work. But many of my East Van peers commute using their bicycles, so in theory, it can be done. Of course, it also depends on equipment. I used to have a bike, and when I did, I biked everywhere. Now I don’t and I am not entirely sure I want to buy one just now (other more pressing needs).

I commute by bus, and walk A LOT. But more recently I’ve thought about taking up biking. If I end up buying a bicycle, I will want to ensure that I have a good one that allows me to commute fairly long distances. Of course, the alternative would be to take my bike and commute by bus and then run around using my bike. I just haven’t gotten around purchasing a good bike. Now, with this Vancouver weather, I am strongly discouraged about biking in the fall, when the weather can be actually quite gloomy and rainy. But I am all for encouraging others to commute using alternative, more sustainable modes of transportation!

The Greater Vancouver Transit Authority has a good website that offers several commuting options within the GVRD.

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