Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Restaurant review - Moxie's

The more I have dinner at this type of restaurants, the more I realize the broad variety of food we have in this city. Vancouver is unique in that regard. Unfortunately (or luckily) for me, I have started to become a repeat customer of many restaurants, so I am running out of restaurants to review!

One of those restaurants that I've become very used to is Moxie's. The one location that always comes to mind is the one on Georgia and I think Hamilton or Seymour (more likely Seymour). But recently I've discovered one on Broadway and almost Burrard and of course, Davie between Thurlow and Bute (in the West End). This is the one I've been to most recently.

Touting itself as "casual dining", Moxie's service is top-notch. I was very pleased that the chef and the waitress were very accomodating with my summer feature: tandoori wild salmon. The food is not that terribly expensive, with entrees hovering around the $20 dollar mark, and it's filling and tasty. I really liked the tandoori salmon but next time I think I'll stick with pasta.

As I was writing earlier reviews of Cactus Club, Milestone's, Earl's and others, I would think that Moxie's is the same type of restaurant: reliable, good food, excellent service and atmosphere.

UPDATE - I included both gadgets from Urban Spoon because I have been to both locations, the Broadway one and the Robson one.

Moxie's Classic Grill in Vancouver
Moxie's Classic Grill in Vancouver

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