Sunday, July 29, 2007

Teamwork – and the elusive quest for love

I knew this moment would come at some point throughout the night, and I am not surprised to see that it’s happening near the end of the journey. I am tired, I am sleep-deprived and I am (quite obviously) emotional.

The past few weeks, I have been fortunate to spend time with people who are partnered. For example, my dear friends C and B have been married for over five years, they knew each other for over nine years, and they are perfect for each other. They are a team.

My friend A and her husband A are also perfect for each other. They even bought a condo in the West Side of Vancouver. Their adventure is a joint journey. My friends M and Z are in the process of planning their wedding and look as complete lovebirds, entirely heads over heels for each other. They are also part of a team. Even my friend H and his girlfriend C have been able to maintain a solid long-distance relationship despite the fact that an ocean separates them.

One of Miss604’s earlier posts described how much she loved being part of a team. Her husband John has been extremely supportive of her Blogathon challenge. I have also read other blogs where partners, husbands, wives, are all cheering for their significant other. Some (John included) have done guest posts.

This has led me to the following reflection: Where am I in the elusive quest for love? Do I actually need to be part of a team, and if so, what are the characteristics I am looking for? I haven’t really thought about it for a long while, and I am guessing that I won’t be thinking about it until I am ready (I don’t think I am ready just now). But it’s always nice to see these teams, and sometimes I long to be part of a duo too. Tonight is one of those times, when I really, really would like to have someone to be here with me and share this challenge. We’ll have to see if that ever materializes, and if it does, where does it take me. Love is a battlefield, or so would Pat Benatar say.

SIDE NOTE – I have decided to take a shower after this post. And I’m feeling peckish. I think I’m going to have a small slice of banana bread and a glass of cold milk with instant coffee.

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Miss 604 said...

The team thing didn't happen overnight, it's been quite the journey and immigration Canada is a big player in that haha... but that's a story for another time.

I'm feeling hungry too, like my belly doesn't know if it's dinner or breakfast time. I'll feed it some water and see how it goes.

ElGato said...

Hola Raul !!! I'm proud to say that I'm also half of a team. But when I wasn't, I spent countless hours observing couples. I had a list of what I wanted, and another one of what I didn't. Mind you, it took over 10 years, and lots of hard work, to finally grasp the concept of team in a couple. Things happen when you're ready, so for now, keep looking !! Best of luck.

Marcela said...

If you think about these issues, then you can get close to a clearer picture of the charecterisitics that you are looking for... I think.