Thursday, August 16, 2007

Bar review - Mahony & Sons (UBC)

I went to Mahony & Sons with my good friend JH who had just defended her Masters thesis. She's super smart, super sweet and really fun to hang out, and we had to celebrate. Two colleagues joined for a bit and then it was just J and I, and we had a long nice chat over a jug of beer (which I am proud to say, we finished all by ourselves - and I still could walk home).

On to the review. Best patio, like, ever! [insert early twenties voice]. Excellent beer. Top notch service, the waitress was super attentive and really friendly. Yam fries rock. Would I recommend Mahony & Sons for a drink and some appetizers? Absolutely.


Marcela said...

I really like the place too!!

Nomade Moderne said...

Agreed, but if you are going to sit on the patio, try to get a table closer to University Avenue. The far tables on the side patio end up being close to the dumpsters. Need I say more?