Tuesday, August 07, 2007

It's all about the equipment - installment 4

I have decided to actually continue my series of "It's all about the equipment" posts, so I thought I'd include one piece of equipment I have recently acquired. My very good friend H gave me an early celebratory gift that he knew I lacked. Shame on me, I never had owned an iPod (*gasp*). I just never saw the need for it.

I used to own a portable cassette player, then I transitioned to a portable CD player (actually an excellent piece of equipment which was stolen from my house last year, I could jog with it). So I thought I'd never own any portable music device, because I was so angry having lost my CD player.

Well, this year H and I had conversations about iPod and he kept asking me why I didn't own one. I just thought I never needed one (even though I exercise regularly, commute everywhere by bus and walk a lot, all circumstances under which using a portable music device makes the experience all the more pleasant).

Those friends of mine who know me well know also that I only plugged my TV this year (actually in May of 2007), after having owned one for over a year and a half. So I am quite slow in adapting new technologies or gadgets (unless they're work-related). Anyhow, H thought I needed an iPod and so he generously gave me one.

It's time to confess that I have become addicted to iPod. So much that I'm actually considering the possibility of buying a Nike+iPod kit to track the calories I burn while exercising. My iPod I think is 30 GB, and H kindly left me lots of music in it, so now I'm walking and commuting all over the place while listening to awesome tunes. How could I have lived without an iPod for so long?

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