Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Good reasons to be proud (post-Pride Vancouver)

I was reading the latest issue of Xtra West, and I came across a really heart-warming letter that made me reflect on the really good reasons to be proud: the noticeable increased support from the straight community to the queer community. Since I couldn't find the online version, I'll have to quote a specific paragraph that I thought was really nice.
"[...] Maybe I'm proud of the straight community that's finally starting to celebrate the pride within the gay community[...]" [Letter by Jesse Lobdell, Page 4, Letters, Xtra West, Aug 30th, 2007 edition.]

It is true that we've come a long way. Both at Pride and the VQFF I noticed many straight allies who came to join in and support as well as watch the many excellent films. In the same issue of Xtra West, you can also read about a straight couple who rallied to support a gay couple in Salt Spring Island. Actions like these renew my faith in humanity.

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