Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Commercial Drive is totally underrated

I seem to have picked up a tendency to use teenager-speak ("this is, like, totally cool" or my recent "best patio, like, ever!") and I am sure my friends find it kind of cute. Anyhow, this stage will soon be over, but I want to be able to say that Commercial Drive is like, totally underrated.

I have had the pleasure of helping Copper Lioness pack some of her stuff to send out to the Old Continent and therefore, have spent the past few days hanging around Commercial Drive. Let me just mention a few of the gems I walked by each day.
  • Addis Cafe and Harambe. -- Ethiopian food. Amazing food that you eat with your fingers. Enough said.
  • Wazubee - Cool bar to have a drink and hang out with your buddies.
  • Cafe Deux Soleil and Cafe Du Soleil - Similar names, different target markets, both totally cool.
  • Continental - Best coffee, like, ever. Well, with the exception of Delaney's.
  • Waves on Commercial Drive - Awesome place to use wireless.
  • Van East Cinema - the exterior may look crappy but it's showing The Bourne Ultimatum. Sorry, that's just too cool.
  • JJ Beans -- Great patio and interesting customers
    • And a whole slew of other awesome places ....
The list is way too long. I was going to make notes but I've been so tired from all the packing and stuff that I just didn't want to do it. But I promise I'll be doing lots (and by lots, I mean LOTS) of restaurant and coffee place reviews. Commercial Drive, here I come!

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