Thursday, August 23, 2007

Eatery review - Taco Loco

It's really hard to find good, authentic Mexican food in Vancouver. The past couple of years we have witnessed a growth spurt of places that sell pseudo-Mexican food within the GVRD, particularly in the downtown area. There are a few, however, that are fairly authentic. Usually, these are holes-in-the-wall. That would be the case of Taco Loco. This is a small eatery located between 11th and 12th Avenue on Commercial Drive. The food is fairly authentic (with the exception that mole con pollo NEVER has sour cream drizzled and that the actual chicken should be a full breast instead of shredded chicken). For what I ate, I would say it was overpriced (mole con pollo for $7.00?). But we were hungry and needed food. Furthermore, considering that the mole was pretty authentic, I probably shouldn't complain that much. If you need a quick meal that is fairly authentic, you could stop by Taco Loco. However, the service is nothing short of dreadful. At some point, I'll have to compare it with other fairly solid places like Casablanca and Las Margaritas (yes, Las Margaritas has fairly decent Mexican food).


Anonymous said...

Worst Mexican food I've ever ate. The chicken Looked as if it were cooked for a few minutes in the microwave or cooked by running it under hot water till it turned white. The skin from the thigh or leg meat that they used was still raw. Just Disgusting! I'm really hoping I don't get salmonella.
To top it off the food was barely lukewarm. Everything was premade and microwaved. You would think if this is the restaurants method to serving hot food they would know how long to heat each plate for.

For a place that's always empty you would think you would make sure your food is good or a the least cooked and hot in hopes that the word would spread.

Will not be going back!

Raul said...

I can totally see this happening. I wasn't impressed with it either, but it looked authentic on the day I went. Sorry to hear your experience was so bad! -- I wouldn't blame you on not coming back!