Monday, August 06, 2007

Pride in Vancouver

This was, by far, the best Pride Day I have spent in Vancouver in the last decade. It got off to a great kickstart with breakfast at Paul's Omelettery with B, A and H. We then headed to downtown and met J and B. We watched the Pride Parade until about 3, when we headed to the Beer Garden. Quite disappointed I must add. Prices were a bit steep, and the entrance fee (though by donation, and with a suggested $ 2.00 - I ended shortchanged with $ 5.00). Not a big deal, but I felt uncomfortable.

The negative sensation subsided really quickly as I had a really good time with all my friends. We then headed to J's place and had gin and tonic, planned our camping trip and organized our weekly movie night. J is a great host, and he and B are such a cute couple! We nibbled and drank until they headed to a T-Dance and B, A and H and I went for dinner. We couldn't find a place, so we settled for Vera's Burger. Luckily, J (B's boyfriend) joined us for dinner.

Then A had to head home so H, B, J and I went to Delaney's for coffee and dessert. It was amazing. I can't really recall the last time I had had so much fun at Pride. The great thing is that this particular group of friends created the conditions and opportunities for new gatherings and social activities, which I really value. I am very blessed with the friends I have. So, yeah - for me, it was a Happy Pride!

UPDATE - Little omission that is unforgivable. From brunch at Paul's we took the AquaBus over to the Aquatic Centre. There are few things more enjoyable than having a bunch of your friends take the AquaBus with you. I may sound dorky, but I really enjoyed it. Actually I felt that the whole day flowed unbelievably well. We all had a really great time. I was actually quite amazed at how energetic my friends are. They kept up with my pace. We spent over 12 hours together! :-)

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