Friday, August 31, 2007

It's all about the equipment - installment # 6

After a failed attempt at purchasing a backpack (which ended up disastrously thanks to a broken bottle of Chardonnay), I had been desperately trying to find an affordable (e.g. less than $100 CND) backpack that was suitable for laptop transportation. See... in the business that I am, not having a laptop is simply not an option. I need my laptop at all times and I really needed a sturdy knapsack that would carry my books, articles and laptop altogether.

Then I was at Canadian Tire and all of a sudden... there she was... on sale for $25 CND!!! So I *had* to get the backpack. I already tested it and yes, it is quite sturdy. Two minor details: it doesn't have neither a water bottle compartment nor a cell phone compartment. But these are minor details. It is sturdy and allows me to carry my laptop places. I am writing from a Blenz (which has wireless, yay!) and I've walked around downtown already armed with laptop, books, 2 liter container (for when I want a smoothie/milkshake). I said it before, it *is* all about the equipment!

UPDATE .- I did find the cell phone and water bottle compartments. This thing can carry just about anything... *swoons*

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