Thursday, August 16, 2007

Speaking in Español

Having a knack for languages (and being able to speak more than two) I've always enjoyed meeting people whose fluency goes beyond the usual "como esta?". Two of my very best friends [S and A, both female] speak what would be considered native-level Spanish, and three of my nieces do as well. As I was thinking about what I could blog about in this regard, I found out that Gwyneth Paltrow is set to co-host a food show in Spain. In case you guys didn't know, Paltrow is fluent in Spanish. I had the chance to hear a live interview with her and was quite impressed by her mastery of the language.

So if you happen to need some good help translating from English to Spanish and viceversa, you probably may want to go over to my very good friend Sara's blog. Her blog is intended to showcase terminology for social movement activists, particularly in the South. Qué buena idea!

UPDATE .- Actually I forgot to mention that L also speaks excellent Español. L is now in South America, but she is going to come back to me soon!!!

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